If you have just walked into a DALI installation, you are in a hurry and the client is in the corner sharpening an axe, then the following might be useful to save you reading through the delights of the entire manual!

Installation installed and connected but not set up or much else?

1 - Plug in the mains adaptor first and then connect the XTBA DALI Watch to any point of the DALI cable.

2 - Is the blue LED flashing? If no go to 3. If flashing there is no DALI buss power so you need to add one as follows: Press the function key until:

Press the Yes key to turn on the power and then the function key to get back to the main menu loop.

3 – Press the function key until:

4 – Press the Yes button and the message ‘WILL ERASE ALL DATA’ will be displayed. Press Yes again to start discovery.

5 – The XTBA DALI Watch will erase all data and discover the first device, at the end of the search the device to be programmed will be lit to 50% and the display will go to:

Using the up/down keys set the address you would like the device to be and then press Yes.

6 – Repeat step 5 until COMPLETE (number of devices) FOUND displays.

7 – The devices will have had their defaults set in discovery as follows:

Power On Level = 1, Minimum Level = 1, System Failure Level = 0, Max Level = 254. Following discovery you can change these settings in Quick Set Up if needed.

Check it all worked

8 – Press the Function button until TRANSMIT DALI and press Menu, press Menu until ADJUST ONE LEVEL appears then press Yes and the display will change to:

Use the up/down buttons to alter the level and the left/right buttons to alter the address.

You should now have a working system?

9 – If it all worked retire to the bar, if not blame the contractor.