F451 DMX Fire FX unit

Product number: 10502 - £395.00

The XTBA F451 DMX Fire FX unit is an in-line or stand-alone Fire / Flame effect DMX controller. This compact unit has random rate, level, start address and block length controls to give maximum flexibility in use. Effects channels can be assigned a start adders and block length (number of effects channels) and merged or replaced into an existing DMX source or used as a stand alone DMX generator. Settings are retained on power down or can be stored into up to eight memories.

Works with


240v AC (190v - 250v)

Packaging & Dimensions

Metal Cased
Length: 143mm Depth: 93mm Height: 48mm Weight: 1Kg (Approx)
This item is CE certified XTBA declares that this equipment meets the requirements of the EMC Directive 89/366/EEC.