DMX8 Decoder PCB RDM

Product number: 09405 - £90.00

*Now upgraded to include fully enabled RDM and with added features such as emergency mode and grouping.

A PCB 8 channel 0 to +10V decoder for upgrading existing analogue systems or interfacing to DMX. Channels can be set into two groups of four or individual channels set as non dims. Emergency mode allows all outputs to fade to a predetermined level in the event of DMX loss. Local output test mode from the address switches. RDM enabled.

Eight analogue channels are available via the HE14 / Molex connector.

Displays for power / card OK and data in. In addition any or all of the eight outputs can be set as a non dim channel.

Add your own BCD, XLR's and Transformer

See also our DIN rail packaged version of this product -

Note: Revised manual now updated

Works with


9-15v DC

Packaging & Dimensions

PCB Cardset
Length: 100mm Depth: 100mm Height: 23mm Weight: 1Kg (Approx)