Product number: 09401 - £90.00

AMR = (Analogue , Merge, Replace)

An eight channel analogue input 0-10v +V or 0-5v +V converter to DMX512 PCB.

The eight analogue channels can be set to merge with incoming DMX data (Highest Takes Precedence) or replace channels of DMX. The number of replaced channels can be set from 1 through 8. The card can create its own DMX source if there is no DMX on the input or can be set to transmit only when receiving.

Displays for power / card OK and data in.

Includes BCDs and LEDs.

In addition the card can be set to interface with 0 to 5volts analogue to full, making it ideal for logic or switch interfaces to DMX512.

Works with


9-15v DC

Packaging & Dimensions

PCB Cardset
Length: 100mm Depth: 75mm Height: 25mm Weight: 1Kg (Approx)