Product number: 09404 - £58.50

*Now upgraded specification - Now fully RDM enabled with an emergency mode added...

A one channel DMX to normally open or closed relay PCB.

The relay switch level can be user set in 10% steps. The card can be user set for normally open or closed relays. The relays will switch at the set level and switch back at 1% less to allow for noisy desks. Displays for power, data and relay active.

Emergency mode allows the relay to close in the event of DMX loss.

If the BCD switches are set for 600 the card will enter test mode and allow for local control e.g. 601 = relay one closed/open.

Relays rated at 100ma. RDM enabled.

Includes BCDs and LEDs.

Revised manual now online, click the link to open!

Works with


9-15v DC

Packaging & Dimensions

PCB Cardset
Length: 74mm Depth: 44mm Height: 23mm Weight: 1Kg (Approx)