DMX to DALI Converter - PCB

Product number: 09402 - £130.00

The XTBA DMX to DALI card will translate 64 channels of DMX up to 64 channels of the DALI protocol. The unit can be addressed anywhere in the DMX stream via the BCD address switches. The unit will also allow manual control of any and all DALI channels to allow for on site testing without the need for DMX control. In addition the converter will allow the user to program the DALI address of any DALI unit making installation of a complete system simple as all functions can be controlled from one card.

The converter is mains powered and connections by push terminals so installation is made as simple as possible

Also available as a DIN Rail mounted unit

Works with


240v AC (190v - 250v)
Additional info:

Mains Input = 200/240 Volts AC, 1A, on board transformer and PSU

Packaging & Dimensions

PCB Cardset
Length: 100mm Depth: 110mm Height: 30mm Weight: 0Kg (Approx)