DALI to DMX - 64 channel DIN Rail

Product number: 04803 - £190.00

Now and again (but not that often) you might need to convert DALI to DMX512.

If so the 'creatively' named DALI to DMX512 64 channel converter should do the job.

Plug it in, stick DALI in one side and DMX comes out the other - what more could you ask for.

As a bonus you do get an internal switch to select if DMX is held or not if DALI is lost.

DALI to DMX - 64 channel DIN Rail DALI to DMX - 64 channel DIN Rail

Works with


120v AC (90v - 140v) 240v AC (190v - 250v)
Additional info:

Please specify 120v operation when ordering

Packaging & Dimensions

Din Rail Mounting
Length: 70mm Depth: 1mm Height: 1mm Weight: 1Kg (Approx)
This item is CE certified XTBA declares that this equipment meets the requirements of the EMC Directive 89/366/EEC.