XTBA - DMX & DALI communication protocols done right

We've been in the DMX business for well over 27 years, and during that time we have led the market in DMX innovation. XTBA has designed and built some of the finest DMX512 systems available, including DMX Merges and Splitter Systems. XTBA created, pioneered and popularised The Network Module System: Much imitated but never bettered, Network Modules became - and remain - a huge best seller. DALI products are now becoming a larger part of our business as this area grows.

Each of XTBA's wide range of products is designed to make life quicker, easier and more reliable for the lighting professional. Our data analysers and generators, distribution modules, Splitters and Mergers, are just a small part of our growing product line.

We have never compromised on quality, and each XTBA unit is built to the highest standard demanded by the lighting professional. No XTBA product has ever contained nasties like rivets or plastic PCB pillars. All our PCB's have plug in connectors for ease of maintenance, and we use only Neutrik XLRs. Most 19" rack units can be supplied with data connectors front or rear mounted for maximum flexibility in installation. All products are CE marked where appropriate, and come with a full 3 year guarantee.

XTBA is the sole importer into the UK of Goddard Design whose products include the DMXter, the 'industry standard' DMX test unit.

We provide a bespoke service to clients who require one off innovative products for specific applications, such as effects controllers, custom interfaces and so on. We will always be happy to discuss your requirements with you - call us.

If you would like more details about any of the products listed on this website, or if you have any queries concerning DMX512 or DALI, call, email or fax us at XTBA 'World Headquarters'

XTBA News...
Merging just got interesting?

DMX mergers, along with splitters, are the staple diet of DMX distribution manufacturers. XTBA’s merges just got a lot smarter.
XTBA is delighted to announce a two truly unique products. The RDM Smart Merge is the first merge that will allow full RDM control from either console through the merge to control RDM fixtures. The RDM data is interleaved with DMX level data allowing the merge to be used during focusing and set up.

RDM merges are The Holy Grail of RDM outboard equipment as the RDM timings make data throughput ‘challenging’ but as it turns out it can be done with much coffee and head scratching. All our merges, both 19” rack and D case, now have the ability to merge in highest takes precedent, latest takes precedent or A/B switch. A/B switch allows the merge to be used as an on line backup if required.

The XTBA DALI/DALI/DMX Merge 3D2D is a hybrid merge of DMX and DALI allowing both DALI and DMX controls to be interfaced with both DALI and DMX fixtures. DALI control messages are passed through the merge so during set up it can be in line.

See our Merges pages for more information