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New prices on XTBA Splitters...

XTBA has been building DMX splitters for over 25 years and in that time lots of manufacturers have come and gone. The price of splitters over that time has steadily fallen to reflect production changes and falling manufacturing costs. So to keep pace with XTBA’s younger and some might say ‘less able’ manufacturers, and to mark the introduction of the Smart Splitter View and 10i/RDM rig mount we have reduced some of our prices on our existing range.

We still build with the same quality components and guarantee our splitters for 5 years - or in reality we have (and will) in most cases fix ‘em for free at any age. As this is something we don’t do much, unless 25 years of splitter production is in a dumpster somewhere they seem to keep on working!

The RDM splitter range consists of the Smart Splitter 10i/RDM a RDM version of the popular 10i splitter. The 2U Smart Splitter 10i/RDM View and the truss mount Smart Splitter 10i/RDM.

We've been in the DMX business for over 25 years, and during that time we have led the market in DMX innovation. XTBA has designed and built some of the finest DMX512 systems available, including DMX Merges and Splitter Systems. XTBA created, pioneered and popularised The Network Module System: Much imitated but never bettered, Network Modules became - and remain - a huge best seller. DALI products are now becoming a larger part of our business as this area grows.

Each of XTBA's wide range of products is designed to make life quicker, easier and more reliable for the lighting professional. Our data analysers and generators, distribution modules, Splitters and Mergers, are just a small part of our growing product line.

We have never compromised on quality, and each XTBA unit is built to the highest standard demanded by the lighting professional. No XTBA product has ever contained nasties like rivets or plastic PCB pillars. All our PCB's have plug in connectors for ease of maintenance, and we use only Neutrik XLRs. Most 19" rack units can be supplied with data connectors front or rear mounted for maximum flexibility in installation. All products are CE marked where appropriate, and come with a full 3 year guarantee.

XTBA is the sole importer into the UK of Goddard Design whose products include the DMXter, the 'industry standard' DMX test unit.

We provide a bespoke service to clients who require one off innovative products for specific applications, such as effects controllers, custom interfaces and so on. We will always be happy to discuss your requirements with you - call us.

If you would like more details about any of the products listed on this website, or if you have any queries concerning DMX512 or DALI, call, email or fax us at XTBA 'World Headquarters'

XTBA LightFlo 8x4 DMX/RDM Upgrade

XTBA was asked by a client to to improve the Anytronics Lightflo 8 x 4 by adding full DMX RDM capability to the unit.

This was not easy but we have done it!  Now with a simple chip change, the Lightflo can be easily upgraded to have RDM. This means that it is no more climbing a ladder or hang off a cherry picker to access the fitting, a major saving in studio time and money.

For more information see here, or for a sample chip give XTBA a call.

New DMX Splitters 5iD and 10iD

Following the success of the Smart Splitter 4D and 5D/RDM we are pleased to announce that we now have in production the Smart Splitter 5iD and 10iD.

Check out the 5iD here and the 10iD here

F451 DMX Fire FX unit

Following a request from a lighting hire company, we were asked to built a DMX fire effects unit - the snappily named F451. This is now in daily use on numerous film and TV shoots and the result is rather pleasing. So if you need to set the world on fire without the use of Keith from the Prodigy give it a try.

Click here for more information

Smart Splitter 5D DMX/RDM

Introducing the XTBA Smart Splitter 5D/RDM. Mains powered and housed in a D rail case provides an inexpensive and compact DMX/RDM data splitter with some exceptional features including ‘RDM Overload Protection’. See product page for details

We proudly introduce our DMX Relay 4-D

Introducing the XTBA DMX Relay 4-D: DMX to four change over relays in a D rail case offers a simple method to interface external systems to DMX control. See product page for details

XTBA DALI Quick Start Guide

XTBA is launching a DALI test and programming tool, called the XTBA DALI Watch.  

We have also now published our exclusive XTBA DALI Quick Start Guide, which will allow you to get your fixtures up and running quickly without the normal mystery and doubt!

XTBA introduces the DALI Watch

XBTA is launching a new DALI product which will remove most of the mystery of the protocol, and make even the most complicated installations work!

The XTBA DALI Watch will test and program DALI for you.  

Watch out for more details as they are announced, but in the meantime please see the product page

Backfade Success Story...

XTBA has recently supplied a major US TV station in New York with six of our four universe Backfades, and one eight universe Backfade, with numerous remotes to back up in their studios.

We tell you this not to brag (well a little) but to thank the team at ABC for their input with software additions, which at the time were met with ‘oh must we!’ but turned into ‘oh that was a good idea’, so we have now incorporated into all Backfades and remotes. 

See Backfade for more details...

25 years of XTBA importing DMXter™!

In 1991 we spotted an advert in Lighting Dimensions for a Goddard Design DMXtertm. XTBA had been selling DMX units but it was difficult to test DMX, so we rang up and ordered a unit. It arrived, we played with it - liked what we saw and promptly ordered five more. On their arrival we drove round to the first five lighting hire companies we could think of, and all were sold that day! So we bought five more and promptly sold them etc....


XTBA is now 25 years old!

XTBA is now 25 and going strong!

For over twenty five years we have been specialising in DMX and associated products. We thank all our loyal clients who have kept us in Hob Nob biscuits, XLRs, solder and many interesting projects during this time - we look forward to working with everyone in the future.